Regulations for parents

With the desire to bring trust and cooperation between parents and the school, Lumbini would like to ask parents to read the Regulations carefully and agree to the following:

1. Admission Procedure

Parents need to prepare admission documents including

  • 4 (3×4 sized) photo cards of your baby (taken no older than 6 months).
  • Copy of baby’s birth certificate (extract).
  • Copy of household registration book or temporary residence registration certificate (notarized copy).
  • A copy of the child’s vaccination record/health certificate.

Parents complete the documents provided by the School:

  • Application for admission.
  • The survey of psychological characteristics of children before entering school.
  • School rules include the signature of the parents.

2. Pickup and Drop Off Procedures

  • Pick-up time: 6:45 – 7:45 (Parents let children have breakfast at home if they arrive at school after 7:45)
  • Drop-off time: 16:00 – 17:00
  • When the child has health-related problems (sickness, fever, unspecified illness…) the school will contact and ask the parent to take care of the child at home.

3. Children are absent from school

The family must notify the school at least 1 day in advance (Unless the child has an unexpected illness, a doctor’s certificate is required).

4. Follow school regulations

Children go to school on time, go to class by themselves, do not bring valuable jewelry and toys to school.

Parents who come to pick up/drop off their children at school please be polite in communication, dress politely, the school does not work with parents being in a drunk, smoking or psychologically aggressive state.

5. Emergencies

In cases of emergency where parents cannot be reached, the school is deemed authorized to carry out the necessary medical instructions. Parents are responsible for reimbursement of expenses according to payment vouchers. The school is not responsible for problems that occur with the child beyond the ability/scope and control of the school.

6. The school has the right to refuse admission

If parents are late to pay the fees within 15 days.

7. Regulations on the use of cameras

The school does not provide an online camera account for parents. In the following cases, parents will be provided with the use of cameras:

  • Baby goes to school for the first time at school: Parents can see the camera for the first month.
  • The child is seriously ill, hospitalized and has a discharge certificate: Parents can view the camera 3 days after the child returns to school.
  • Parents who are away from home for a long time on business, have a work permit, a work schedule: Parents can see the camera for 3 days or a month.
  • Children in kindergarten age (from 12 months to 36 months): Parents can view the camera 1 fixed day per week according to the regulations of the school.

8. Extracurricular activities

Children are fully involved in extracurricular activities of the school. In case of disagreement, parents please respond.

9. The use of images

The school is allowed to use the child’s image for the school’s operational and educational purposes.

**Parents need to provide all relevant information, documents upon admission and notify the school in writing when there is a change in Parent’s contact information. The school is not responsible in case the parent provides incorrect information.