Lumbini Kindergarten is currently the first large-scale school of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Hue city.

The kindergarten was established as a result of the wishes of the monks and nuns of Thua Thien Hue and the assistance of Buddhist monks and nuns domestically as well as abroad. The representatives are Venerable Thich Hai An, abbot of Tu Dam Pagoda, Hue – Chairman of Lumbini Kindergarten and Nun Thich Nu Nhu Minh, abbot of Tay Linh Pagoda, Hue – Vice Chairman of the Lumbini Kindergarten.


Lumbini Kindergarten aims to build a kindergarten with a reputation for quality education with modern facilities and educational programs. It focuses on caring for the complete development of children’s physical, mental and life skills from an early age. By giving children learning opportunities and help them discover their potential. From there, children will be able to become independent and creative thinkers to develop both knowledge and personality comprehensively, contributing to being responsible citizens in modern society.


Lumbini Kindergarten offers an educational and nurturing program built on a foundation of Mindfulness combined with natural educational methods. According to the project’s approach, Lumbini wishes to build a happy school system and create a healthy young generation with a brave and perfect personality

Core Values

“Merciful – Wisdom – Brave”

Mindfulness &
Reggio Emilia Inspired

With a strong belief in children’s abilities, the Reggio Emilia educational model helps children develop in all aspects when expressing “hundred languages”. In addition, there is a close cooperation between educators and parents. Reggio Emilia’s philosophy is built on respect, responsibility and community. From there, children learn through interacting with others in a friendly and natural learning environment.

5 Relationships Reggio Emilia Creates


Self-relation: Know yourself and love yourself properly.


Social relations: Respect and understanding – love everyone around.


Natural relations: Be grateful, cherish, protect and build.


Relationships with surrounding things: :Learn, research and build.


Relationships with your own ideas: Creativity and overcoming challenges to always aim for good responsibility, awareness and honesty.

The importance of time

Discovering and designing activities is not a “one-time thing”. The best thing is that we let the children do it step by step and keep their work so that they know and continue their work in the following days until they finish their work.

Children should have enough time and guidance to use the same materials and need repetition until they are completely satisfied with their product. Children have a sense of time and have their own rhythms in their own planning, activities, and discoveries.

“Patience is the mark of Love”.