Admission notification

Lumbini Kindergarten is the first Buddhist preschool in Hue, applying Mindfulness along with modern educational methods Approach Project, Reggio Emilia, along with the Mindfulness program to nurture and Cultivate personality, intelligence and love for children.

The school’s Board of Directors would like to respectfully inform parents of the admission information for the 2023-2024 school year as follows:

Time to distribute enrollment documents: From Monday to Saturday morning every week during office hours.

Enrollment ages: From 19 months to 6 years old.

Lumbini is extremely proud to be one of the pioneering schools in building a modern educational model, suitable for the development needs of children in Hue City, contributing to building the most suitable environment to help children be independent. Creativity and courage to step into the future and become comprehensive citizens with pure, humane moral values.

Methods and curriculum

Lumbini School is extremely proud to be one of the pioneer schools in building a modern educational model that is suitable for the development needs of children in Hue City. From there, it contributes to building the most suitable environment to help children confidently create, bravely step into the future and become comprehensive citizens with pure and humane moral values.

1.  Educational Methods Project-Based Learning (PBL)

2.  Reggio Emilia Inspired Education Methods

3.  Mindfulness Education Program

4.  Extracurricular programs (Martial Arts, Yoga, Montessori, English) give children thinking skills, judgment skills, ingenuity, persistence and second language development

5.  A variety of picnic and practical programs according to each project

6.  Programs, festivals and events are held periodically to bring useful experiences for children

Teachers and Staffs

100% of teachers have degrees from pre-school pedagogical colleges

Extracurricular teachers have a lot of experience in teaching preschool children.

A group of young educators are enthusiastic about and dedicated to their work


The school has a campus area of more than 2000m2 with a system of safe outdoor toy equipment, a spacious playground surrounding the school with cool green areas extending to the children’s vegetable garden and the school’s backyard.

Art function room with more than 1,000 rich materials. Library with many types of interactive books suitable for preschool children.

The school has 10 modern classrooms, equipped with air conditioning systems, televisions, cameras, tables and chairs with unique designs that attract children, and toys to meet children’s learning needs.

Admission Process

To continue the mission of nurturing the future, Lumbini Kindergarten is always ready to receive and nurture lovely children. Thereby creating conditions to help children develop their personality and limitless potential.









Children’s luggage

To ensure hygiene and give children a sense of security and compliance like at home, parents should help them prepare for school with the following necessary items:

1. Personal water bottle

2. Prepare a bucket towel to wipe for the sunny season

3. Clothes: Each child should have at least 2 sets of clean clothes to change when needed and 1 set of nappies (for older children, it may be less). And prepare a bag for dirty laundry.

4. Small backpack for picnics (enough to hold water bottles and wet towels)

5. Diapers or diapers for the day and naps (if needed).

6. To prevent children’s belongings from being lost, parents should write their child’s name on all items.

Some regulations on children’s health

When sending medicine for children to take at school, parents must clearly write down the dosage and method of use on the authorization letter for the child to take the medicine with the parent’s signature (authorization letter provided by the school). The school will be responsible for administering medication according to the information on this authorization.

In case a child has a fever (from 37.5 degrees or higher) has a bowel movement and some contagious diseases:

  • Parents do not send children to school
  • Take your child to a medical facility right away
  • Notify the school (if necessary)

For more information, please contact Lumbini Kindergarten office, we work from 7:00 to 17:00 – Monday to Saturday morning every week.